Earning During Retirement – A New Approach

For millions of American baby boomers in their 50s and more, finding and retaining formal full-time employment is increasingly becoming challenging. Despite skills and experience, the process of finding work – relying on resumes and interviews – makes prospects of earning during retirement unpleasant in many ways. 

It is a pretty significant problem with multiple dimensions – some baby boomers have not saved enough. Some have OK savings but will like to continue working to stay busy. Some have lost full time work to early and never found a good job after that. Somehow, there is a no single resource to train american baby boomers and senior on how to address all these issues. This is why we are excited to introduce to you Gigaplex Academy, an online educational platform tailor made for US baby boomers and seniors! A simple set of free videos that for our free introductory course will give you a good insight into the Gigaplex Academy approach.

Gigaplex Academy education is focused on helping experienced Americans make a graceful and confident transition to a new phase of life where they can let work come to them instead of chasing the work. And earning during retirement becomes more of joy than a thing to dread.

Gigaplex educations teaches them the ins and outs of most recent trends in online platform based gig work that seems to perfectly align with what senior Americans are looking for – work on their own terms, enjoy learning new things and meeting new people and enjoy the freedom of working for yourself without the hassles of starting a business from scratch.

What has changed to make these platforms so interesting for baby boomers and seniors ? Well, is used well the platforms can flip the know model of getting work on its head. Instead of you chasing work on Job Boards, you will learn how to have the work find you !

In the new world software mediated gig or freelance economy, software connects floating demand with floating supply. There actually are hundreds of types of gig opportunities on platforms similar Uber and Lyft. On all these platforms, work finds people wanting work. No interviews and none of the lame excuses – like you are over qualified or you will get bored in this job – that in reality are just cases of cleverly hidden age discrimination?  But how do we know more about these opportunities and improve our odds of success as we try to ride on this new dawn of opportunity for senior workers. Let us cover this in more detail

Platform based gig opportunities are available across every sector of our economy. From agriculture and manufacturing to services of every flavor. Here is a short list of what is out there.

Task Rabbit, where you can offer freelance handyman services

SitterCity, where you can offer care-giving for children

AirBnB, where you can offer your home, spare room or attic for Bed and breakfast style hosting

Rover, where you can offer to do pet sitting and pet care services

and UpWork, where you can find a variety of freelance work in creative, technology and services industry.

Unfortunately, very few people in the baby boomer and senior citizen population know about them. And even fewer are practicing them. This is because there are perceptions about use of technology as it is something that younger folks do.  But as we saw, in this case, technology actually enables you to overcome a hiring system that is otherwise heavily tilted against senior folks. Secondly there are innate worries about security. Or perceptions of security that full time employment gives. As we have seen, even that is not the reality. There is no job security. But with proper education about the gig economy we can create income security. After all that is what most of us are actually looking for – net new earning during retirement to cover savings gap or extend how long your funds can last.

What has been missing in this whole picture is systematic education, specifically designed for experienced Americans, that can give baby boomers and seniors the necessary exposure to opportunities. The organized training to make a clean transition from formal, full-time employment, to gigs based gainful lifestyle. A Lifestyle where you work on your terms and make the most of what you have to offer.  Gigaplex academy takes pride in preparing experienced American to transition to gig economy lifestyle with confidence. Confidence that you have the right education under your belt to thieve in gig economy.

First, we will help you find and master right gigs that align with your passion, skills, new things you want to learn or new people you want to interact with.  Second, we improve your odds of doing this successfully with in depth understanding of pros and cons of each gig. Create a life plan that balances your needs for money, community connect and self-realization so that you can look at the years ahead as a ‘balanced portfolio’ of meaningful work instead of drudgery to keep paying bills. And while we are at it, we will also help you rethink retirement. Because for a skilled gig economy participant, there is no forced retirement. You can continue on so you can stay active and healthy by finding work on your terms. Gigaplex education is designed to give you exactly this kind of long term control and balance. It is important to understand how this is different than traditional education.

Your high school diploma and college education prepared you for a lifetime of productive work and meaning in life – but for an economy that was very different. Where you typically started looking for work after graduation. But when you already have a few decades worth of real world experience under your belt and the nature of work you are looking for itself is expected to evolve, you need a different kind of education. Gigaplex Academy gives you just that kind of education – empowerment for engagement and earning during retirement. Education that helps you become an informed entrepreneur that works for himself or herself. Education that lets quality work find you instead of the other way around. Education that prepares for what is new, and gives you tools to stay professionally relevant to people you care about. This is education that makes you part of a network of experienced Americans that are already riding this new wave successfully.

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