Graceful Transition to Gainful Retirement


With people leading longer and healthier lifestyles, it’s not surprising that more seniors are making a second career part of their retirement planning. Instead of leaving all that valuable career knowledge behind, individuals can find it easy to land retirement jobs. 

Two key trends about retirement jobs

There are two key trends contributing to this opportunity in the job market. First, there are fewer employers offering full-time salaried positions, due to the increase in health insurance and labor costs over the last decade. While unemployment is low, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, around 11.1 million workers are, “ either unemployed, out of the labor force, or underemployed; however, all have said they want good-paying, full-time jobs.” They are becoming harder to find, therefore part time jobs for retirees are more plentiful. 

The second factor leading to the ease at which seniors can find encore careers is the rapid growth of the gig economy. Based on data from their 2016 report, NASDAQ predicted that 43 percent of the workforce would be made up of gig workers by the year 2020. This is a growing pool of professionals who work freelance or take on independent contractor roles in a variety of industries. 

How can individuals go about getting part time jobs for seniors? Further, what is a good way to shift from a full time career to one that offers more freedom and flexibility? Turns out making a graceful transition to retirement is easier than ever before. 

Online Education about Retirement jobs – part time Writing Jobs

Senior writer working on gig
Online course about part-time writing jobs on online platforms

A good way for seniors to move into a fun job after retirement is to actually make a plan of action. This can include getting familiar with the wide variety of part time gigs available and learning more about how to apply. It can also include understanding what each job requires in terms of technology, communication, and experience. Gigaplex Academy aims to be resource for this. The course about part time online writing work (blogs, web copy, articles and research paper etc.) is an excellent example of quality resources Gigaplex Academy intends present to empower seniors.

Many gig jobs are entry-level roles where retirees can register and have jobs come to them on a regular basis. Others involve creating some examples of work and submitting an application. In either case, it is important to know that seniors have plenty of great skills to bring to the table and therefore getting fun jobs after retirement will be a pleasant experience. 

Some of the jobs for retired people include things that can help individuals remain active. For example, there are many dog walking and pet sitter jobs available. Companion jobs are another popular choice in part time work for seniors. Then there are freelance jobs for older folks that can be flexible and pay well — such as freelance writing, graphic design, and teaching English to non-native speakers. 

It’s possible to increase your chances of getting a retirement job by thinking about your strengths and taking online classes in your area of interest. Again, a great resource for online courses is Gigaplex Academy , where you can also find a variety of companies that offer part-time jobs for retirees. After taking a few courses in a career path you choose, you will be ready to start accepting jobs.

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