Retirement Planning in the New Decade-Retirement Jobs for Baby Boomers

The way people conduct their retirement planning has changed quite a bit in the first two decades of the 21st Century. For better part of 20th Century, people used to work in the same job for 25 or so years, saving what they could in their retirement fund, hoping it would carry them through their golden years. Now, with people living a lot longer, retirement savings must stretch through two decades if not more. That’s why every retirement portfolio should now include pro-active planning about continuing to work in some capacity. Key thing is to find alternative to what the seniors don’t like about working in this phase of like – resumes, interviews and office politics.

Retirement and work can coexist !!

Retirement Planning and Jobs for Retirees

It is time we think differently about the retirement portfolio planning ! It is time that retirement jobs are as actively discussed during retirement planning as stocks, bonds, IRA and Social Security are.

It is time to include work options to create a ‘happy work’ portfolio. When working on your retirement work portfolio, keep in mind that this is about what makes you happy and how you see yourself living in this phase of your life.

Speaking in purely financial terms, there isn’t one way to design a retirement plan that works for everyone. Same is true about your retirement work portfolio. Finding retirement jobs can be a great way to remain active, increasing earnings, and contributing your skills. But they also need to align with your purpose and your overall worldview.

With some planning, you can have work find you … than the other way around.

The 4 Pillars of Happy Retirement Jobs

Work as an integral part of retirement planning is very new and novel idea. You may wonder if there are easy steps to retirement planning for an active retirement simple? Our 4 pillars of happy retirement jobs can be a good starting point as well as a foundation that can help anyone accomplish this. Keep these in mind as you navigate your own retirement planning. 

Complimentary Portfolio of Gigs

You’ve learned a lot in your many years as a working professional, either in corporate or other set ups. Whether you are dreaming of taking a hobby and turning it into a second career; or blending a part time job with your career experience, the key is finding complimentary gigs that address a diverse set of your objectives. How you find your ideal mix of complimentary gigs ? Well, that is where Gigaplex Academy can help. Take an inventory of what you are interested in, what you are skilled in, and combine it with a jobs in a complimentary area. Review various ‘learning tracks’ and sign up for – or pre-order – some of the training courses to get in-depth understanding of your options. With some planning and putting into action the step by step guidance of Gigaplex Academy courses, you are well set on your path to active retirement that include Happy retirement jobs in the mix.


Everyone should be familiar with networking. Whether it’s meeting with your friends for coffee, attending social events, or staying active on social media — there’s bound to be a place where you can connect with others. Perhaps the most powerful use of networking has to do with finding out what others are doing in terms of encore careers following long term employment in a regular job. This can provide insight into ways you can integrate some work into your retirement planning. You can always find out if there are any senior friendly courses on Gigaplex Academy that can give you significant acceleration as you look to branch out and try new things that your network might suggest.

Learning New Things

Be prepared to learn many new things when you start exploring fun jobs after retirement. In fact, you can take a variety of free and low cost courses here at Gigaplex to prepare you for a part time job once you are retired. As one of the pillars of a happy career in retirement, being a lifelong learner can open your mind up to alternative ways to earn money to support a more comfortable retirement or to leave something more behind for your family. You can also learn new skills that blend in well with what you already know.  There are many online options like Udemy.com and Coursera.com where online training is available for a fraction of cost of what brick-and mortar training places cost.


Another area that needs attention as you plan on working during your retirement is the ability to manage stress well. Because the nature of gig work is always changing, this catches some people off guard at first. You can learn how to adjust well and overcome any stress by getting educated about the jobs first, exploring a few you are interested in, and choosing a part time retirement job that works best for your lifestyle.  Remember, some jobs might look like they pay more on the face of it, but if you ‘stress-adjust’ them it might become evident that some other options that seem to be lower on the per hour rate might be actually more lucrative because of relatively low stress they might involve.

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