Baby Boomers and Retirement Jobs

Baby Boomers can learn about retirement jobs on Gigaplex Academy

For about 10,000 so Baby Boomers retiring everyday, the world that awaits them in their retirement years is different than what it looked like 20 years ago when some of them started planning their retirement. Thanks to technology and the rapid growth of the gig economy, there are many ways to earn money during retirement. In fact, with some planning and guidance, more baby boomers can remain actively employed with encore careers in their retirement years. The great news is that there are many senior friendly jobs available, and it’s easy to learn how to get them without resumes and interviews. No matter what your background is or what career experience you have, you can learn to earn similar type of work – or choose to diversify during retirement, using Gigaplex Academy training. 

Learning tracks on Gigaplex Academy

Gigaplex Academy offers training to help prepare you for working in a wide range of interesting and fun retirement jobs. For example, you may want to try a part time gig as a communication professional and perform contract writing for others. This is a course that can help anyone with basic writing skills learn how to find freelance writing work and start earning money.  And at $39, the cost of the course is well below what you will make in your first paid writing assignment.

Oftentimes, individuals find it challenging to find the right fit in a part time gig in their retirement years because they worry that they won’t find something that fits their interests and skills. Fortunately, anyone can take Gigaplex courses and explore the hundreds of rewarding career options with companies or agencies that are hiring now. Examples of ways you can learn to earn money during retirement include pet-sitting, childcare provider, online tutoring, tax processing, customer service, web design, crafts, direct sales and more. The best part is that you will learn the right skills to be successful and land repeat work with your favorite clients. 

It’s possible that you are struggling with trying to find the right fit in a part time job for retirement. This is something we see a lot, and we have solutions to help you out. You can review the jobs and see if any of the requirements are a match for your skills and interests. You can try on a few gigs and experience them for yourself. Or you can read reviews left by others who share what it was like for them to work in a particular gig. This gives you first hand accounts of what to expect and highlights fun jobs for seniors. 

Gigaplex makes it possible to navigate the waters of freelance, contract, part time and even full time gigs so that you are more informed and prepared. You spent years working or honing your talents, now let us do the work of getting you ready for the next part of your life. Our online courses can give you a leg up on others because you can learn all there is to know about the gigs, the companies hiring seniors, what skills are needed, and what the potential earnings are. 

Stop trying to find a part time job for retirees on other websites because the interview and resume based job board model is broken. Most Baby Boomers trying to reenter the job market have experienced age discrimination or have heard stories about others feeling that way. Trust Gigaplex to guide you in the right direction as you choose the best retirement job for you. Get registered today for more information and try one of our free or low cost courses.

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