Best Mother’s Day Gift for Baby Boomer Mom – Online Education Designed Just for Her

Online Education Designed Just for Boomers!!

In case you are looking for a ‘cool’ gift to go along with roses for your mother on this Mother’s day, I have an interesting gift recommendation.

How about a special gift that keeps giving! The gift of tailor-made online training for baby boomers about a lifestyle where she can work on ‘her own terms’ and ‘make some money’ doing what she loves to do !! Writing about things she already knows and wants to share her knowledge online.

I am talking about the first of its kind educational courses developed by Gigaplex Academy. The first course – about online writing gigs – teaches baby boomers and seniors the basic skills needed to find out more about tonnes of opportunities to do online freelance writing work using freelancing platforms.

It is true that there is a lot of information available about variety of freelancing platforms and gig economy options on various sites and YouTube videos. But none of it is developed with the unique needs of baby boomers in mind. And none of them give your Mom an end-to-end ‘hand holding experience’ that lets her get started, make some early inroads and then give some ideas on how to do more of online writing work based on her needs.

Best thing is the course is priced at just $39. The one hour course can help your Mom get set up to do writing work on online platforms where her very first writing ‘gig’ could be anywhere from $70 to $100. Many baby boomer and seniors think that being ‘valued for their worth’ is the best thing for their morale and self-image. Many have told us that this is something they value more than more traditional gifts like flowers and candies. So why not try this unique gift!

Gigaplex Academy has been created with a specific purpose. For many people in their 60s and 70s, it’s time to step away from a full time career and into a more carefree lifestyle. If you are planning a retirement party for your parents, the notion of retirement gifts like golf clubs, fishing poles, and tennis lessons may not be that practical. Instead, you may want to look at unique retirement gifts that can provide much needed retirement income. 

Baby Boomers and Retirement

Baby Boomers are retiring at a rapid rate of 10,000 per day and according to research, less than half do not have adequate savings or equity. When the money runs out, it’s up to children and grandchildren to take care of aging family members. 

Why are Baby Boomers retiring with less? There are several reasons. The 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that the average retiree has around $25,000 in assets (including savings and home equity), but that most seniors spend twice that in a year to maintain their lifestyle. Add to that, the loss of pensions and retirement savings company contribution amounts to getting smaller. The recession of 2006-2007 was particularly brutal on retirement savings too, leaving many with very little to retire on. 

The Insured Retirement Institute also published research that shows 55 percent of Baby Boomers have some kind of retirement savings and 28 percent have less than $100,000. Most will end up living off of Social Security benefits that are increasingly being threatened by the government. Therefore, it makes sense then that a large share of the retiring population is making a part-time job a part of their retirement planning. This also means it can be a thoughtful gift to give your parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents who are retiring access to the classes found on Gigaplex. 

You could call Gigaplex the gift that keeps on giving because it’s designed to support retired individuals to learn the skills they need to land rewarding work in a part-time gig or job. It used to be difficult for many to understand the new world of work. Computer classes make it simple for anyone to transfer their valuable traditional job skills to the gig economy. So whether you are looking for a great gift idea for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, a birthday, or even during the retirement party — trust Gigaplex to provide a unique and valuable gift that will be appreciated by your recipient.

Baby Boomers and Retirement Jobs

Baby Boomers can learn about retirement jobs on Gigaplex Academy

For about 10,000 so Baby Boomers retiring everyday, the world that awaits them in their retirement years is different than what it looked like 20 years ago when some of them started planning their retirement. Thanks to technology and the rapid growth of the gig economy, there are many ways to earn money during retirement. In fact, with some planning and guidance, more baby boomers can remain actively employed with encore careers in their retirement years. The great news is that there are many senior friendly jobs available, and it’s easy to learn how to get them without resumes and interviews. No matter what your background is or what career experience you have, you can learn to earn similar type of work – or choose to diversify during retirement, using Gigaplex Academy training. 

Learning tracks on Gigaplex Academy

Gigaplex Academy offers training to help prepare you for working in a wide range of interesting and fun retirement jobs. For example, you may want to try a part time gig as a communication professional and perform contract writing for others. This is a course that can help anyone with basic writing skills learn how to find freelance writing work and start earning money.  And at $39, the cost of the course is well below what you will make in your first paid writing assignment.

Oftentimes, individuals find it challenging to find the right fit in a part time gig in their retirement years because they worry that they won’t find something that fits their interests and skills. Fortunately, anyone can take Gigaplex courses and explore the hundreds of rewarding career options with companies or agencies that are hiring now. Examples of ways you can learn to earn money during retirement include pet-sitting, childcare provider, online tutoring, tax processing, customer service, web design, crafts, direct sales and more. The best part is that you will learn the right skills to be successful and land repeat work with your favorite clients. 

It’s possible that you are struggling with trying to find the right fit in a part time job for retirement. This is something we see a lot, and we have solutions to help you out. You can review the jobs and see if any of the requirements are a match for your skills and interests. You can try on a few gigs and experience them for yourself. Or you can read reviews left by others who share what it was like for them to work in a particular gig. This gives you first hand accounts of what to expect and highlights fun jobs for seniors. 

Gigaplex makes it possible to navigate the waters of freelance, contract, part time and even full time gigs so that you are more informed and prepared. You spent years working or honing your talents, now let us do the work of getting you ready for the next part of your life. Our online courses can give you a leg up on others because you can learn all there is to know about the gigs, the companies hiring seniors, what skills are needed, and what the potential earnings are. 

Stop trying to find a part time job for retirees on other websites because the interview and resume based job board model is broken. Most Baby Boomers trying to reenter the job market have experienced age discrimination or have heard stories about others feeling that way. Trust Gigaplex to guide you in the right direction as you choose the best retirement job for you. Get registered today for more information and try one of our free or low cost courses.

Retirement Planning in the New Decade-Retirement Jobs for Baby Boomers

The way people conduct their retirement planning has changed quite a bit in the first two decades of the 21st Century. For better part of 20th Century, people used to work in the same job for 25 or so years, saving what they could in their retirement fund, hoping it would carry them through their golden years. Now, with people living a lot longer, retirement savings must stretch through two decades if not more. That’s why every retirement portfolio should now include pro-active planning about continuing to work in some capacity. Key thing is to find alternative to what the seniors don’t like about working in this phase of like – resumes, interviews and office politics.

Retirement and work can coexist !!

Retirement Planning and Jobs for Retirees

It is time we think differently about the retirement portfolio planning ! It is time that retirement jobs are as actively discussed during retirement planning as stocks, bonds, IRA and Social Security are.

It is time to include work options to create a ‘happy work’ portfolio. When working on your retirement work portfolio, keep in mind that this is about what makes you happy and how you see yourself living in this phase of your life.

Speaking in purely financial terms, there isn’t one way to design a retirement plan that works for everyone. Same is true about your retirement work portfolio. Finding retirement jobs can be a great way to remain active, increasing earnings, and contributing your skills. But they also need to align with your purpose and your overall worldview.

With some planning, you can have work find you … than the other way around.

The 4 Pillars of Happy Retirement Jobs

Work as an integral part of retirement planning is very new and novel idea. You may wonder if there are easy steps to retirement planning for an active retirement simple? Our 4 pillars of happy retirement jobs can be a good starting point as well as a foundation that can help anyone accomplish this. Keep these in mind as you navigate your own retirement planning. 

Complimentary Portfolio of Gigs

You’ve learned a lot in your many years as a working professional, either in corporate or other set ups. Whether you are dreaming of taking a hobby and turning it into a second career; or blending a part time job with your career experience, the key is finding complimentary gigs that address a diverse set of your objectives. How you find your ideal mix of complimentary gigs ? Well, that is where Gigaplex Academy can help. Take an inventory of what you are interested in, what you are skilled in, and combine it with a jobs in a complimentary area. Review various ‘learning tracks’ and sign up for – or pre-order – some of the training courses to get in-depth understanding of your options. With some planning and putting into action the step by step guidance of Gigaplex Academy courses, you are well set on your path to active retirement that include Happy retirement jobs in the mix.


Everyone should be familiar with networking. Whether it’s meeting with your friends for coffee, attending social events, or staying active on social media — there’s bound to be a place where you can connect with others. Perhaps the most powerful use of networking has to do with finding out what others are doing in terms of encore careers following long term employment in a regular job. This can provide insight into ways you can integrate some work into your retirement planning. You can always find out if there are any senior friendly courses on Gigaplex Academy that can give you significant acceleration as you look to branch out and try new things that your network might suggest.

Learning New Things

Be prepared to learn many new things when you start exploring fun jobs after retirement. In fact, you can take a variety of free and low cost courses here at Gigaplex to prepare you for a part time job once you are retired. As one of the pillars of a happy career in retirement, being a lifelong learner can open your mind up to alternative ways to earn money to support a more comfortable retirement or to leave something more behind for your family. You can also learn new skills that blend in well with what you already know.  There are many online options like Udemy.com and Coursera.com where online training is available for a fraction of cost of what brick-and mortar training places cost.


Another area that needs attention as you plan on working during your retirement is the ability to manage stress well. Because the nature of gig work is always changing, this catches some people off guard at first. You can learn how to adjust well and overcome any stress by getting educated about the jobs first, exploring a few you are interested in, and choosing a part time retirement job that works best for your lifestyle.  Remember, some jobs might look like they pay more on the face of it, but if you ‘stress-adjust’ them it might become evident that some other options that seem to be lower on the per hour rate might be actually more lucrative because of relatively low stress they might involve.

Graceful Transition to Gainful Retirement

With people leading longer and healthier lifestyles, it’s not surprising that more seniors are making a second career part of their retirement planning. Instead of leaving all that valuable career knowledge behind, individuals can find it easy to land retirement jobs. 

Two key trends about retirement jobs

There are two key trends contributing to this opportunity in the job market. First, there are fewer employers offering full-time salaried positions, due to the increase in health insurance and labor costs over the last decade. While unemployment is low, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, around 11.1 million workers are, “ either unemployed, out of the labor force, or underemployed; however, all have said they want good-paying, full-time jobs.” They are becoming harder to find, therefore part time jobs for retirees are more plentiful. 

The second factor leading to the ease at which seniors can find encore careers is the rapid growth of the gig economy. Based on data from their 2016 report, NASDAQ predicted that 43 percent of the workforce would be made up of gig workers by the year 2020. This is a growing pool of professionals who work freelance or take on independent contractor roles in a variety of industries. 

How can individuals go about getting part time jobs for seniors? Further, what is a good way to shift from a full time career to one that offers more freedom and flexibility? Turns out making a graceful transition to retirement is easier than ever before. 

Online Education about Retirement jobs – part time Writing Jobs

Senior writer working on gig
Online course about part-time writing jobs on online platforms

A good way for seniors to move into a fun job after retirement is to actually make a plan of action. This can include getting familiar with the wide variety of part time gigs available and learning more about how to apply. It can also include understanding what each job requires in terms of technology, communication, and experience. Gigaplex Academy aims to be resource for this. The course about part time online writing work (blogs, web copy, articles and research paper etc.) is an excellent example of quality resources Gigaplex Academy intends present to empower seniors.

Many gig jobs are entry-level roles where retirees can register and have jobs come to them on a regular basis. Others involve creating some examples of work and submitting an application. In either case, it is important to know that seniors have plenty of great skills to bring to the table and therefore getting fun jobs after retirement will be a pleasant experience. 

Some of the jobs for retired people include things that can help individuals remain active. For example, there are many dog walking and pet sitter jobs available. Companion jobs are another popular choice in part time work for seniors. Then there are freelance jobs for older folks that can be flexible and pay well — such as freelance writing, graphic design, and teaching English to non-native speakers. 

It’s possible to increase your chances of getting a retirement job by thinking about your strengths and taking online classes in your area of interest. Again, a great resource for online courses is Gigaplex Academy , where you can also find a variety of companies that offer part-time jobs for retirees. After taking a few courses in a career path you choose, you will be ready to start accepting jobs.

Earning During Retirement – A New Approach

For millions of American baby boomers in their 50s and more, finding and retaining formal full-time employment is increasingly becoming challenging. Despite skills and experience, the process of finding work – relying on resumes and interviews – makes prospects of earning during retirement unpleasant in many ways. 

It is a pretty significant problem with multiple dimensions – some baby boomers have not saved enough. Some have OK savings but will like to continue working to stay busy. Some have lost full time work to early and never found a good job after that. Somehow, there is a no single resource to train american baby boomers and senior on how to address all these issues. This is why we are excited to introduce to you Gigaplex Academy, an online educational platform tailor made for US baby boomers and seniors! A simple set of free videos that for our free introductory course will give you a good insight into the Gigaplex Academy approach.

Gigaplex Academy education is focused on helping experienced Americans make a graceful and confident transition to a new phase of life where they can let work come to them instead of chasing the work. And earning during retirement becomes more of joy than a thing to dread.

Gigaplex educations teaches them the ins and outs of most recent trends in online platform based gig work that seems to perfectly align with what senior Americans are looking for – work on their own terms, enjoy learning new things and meeting new people and enjoy the freedom of working for yourself without the hassles of starting a business from scratch.

What has changed to make these platforms so interesting for baby boomers and seniors ? Well, is used well the platforms can flip the know model of getting work on its head. Instead of you chasing work on Job Boards, you will learn how to have the work find you !

In the new world software mediated gig or freelance economy, software connects floating demand with floating supply. There actually are hundreds of types of gig opportunities on platforms similar Uber and Lyft. On all these platforms, work finds people wanting work. No interviews and none of the lame excuses – like you are over qualified or you will get bored in this job – that in reality are just cases of cleverly hidden age discrimination?  But how do we know more about these opportunities and improve our odds of success as we try to ride on this new dawn of opportunity for senior workers. Let us cover this in more detail

Platform based gig opportunities are available across every sector of our economy. From agriculture and manufacturing to services of every flavor. Here is a short list of what is out there.

Task Rabbit, where you can offer freelance handyman services

SitterCity, where you can offer care-giving for children

AirBnB, where you can offer your home, spare room or attic for Bed and breakfast style hosting

Rover, where you can offer to do pet sitting and pet care services

and UpWork, where you can find a variety of freelance work in creative, technology and services industry.

Unfortunately, very few people in the baby boomer and senior citizen population know about them. And even fewer are practicing them. This is because there are perceptions about use of technology as it is something that younger folks do.  But as we saw, in this case, technology actually enables you to overcome a hiring system that is otherwise heavily tilted against senior folks. Secondly there are innate worries about security. Or perceptions of security that full time employment gives. As we have seen, even that is not the reality. There is no job security. But with proper education about the gig economy we can create income security. After all that is what most of us are actually looking for – net new earning during retirement to cover savings gap or extend how long your funds can last.

What has been missing in this whole picture is systematic education, specifically designed for experienced Americans, that can give baby boomers and seniors the necessary exposure to opportunities. The organized training to make a clean transition from formal, full-time employment, to gigs based gainful lifestyle. A Lifestyle where you work on your terms and make the most of what you have to offer.  Gigaplex academy takes pride in preparing experienced American to transition to gig economy lifestyle with confidence. Confidence that you have the right education under your belt to thieve in gig economy.

First, we will help you find and master right gigs that align with your passion, skills, new things you want to learn or new people you want to interact with.  Second, we improve your odds of doing this successfully with in depth understanding of pros and cons of each gig. Create a life plan that balances your needs for money, community connect and self-realization so that you can look at the years ahead as a ‘balanced portfolio’ of meaningful work instead of drudgery to keep paying bills. And while we are at it, we will also help you rethink retirement. Because for a skilled gig economy participant, there is no forced retirement. You can continue on so you can stay active and healthy by finding work on your terms. Gigaplex education is designed to give you exactly this kind of long term control and balance. It is important to understand how this is different than traditional education.

Your high school diploma and college education prepared you for a lifetime of productive work and meaning in life – but for an economy that was very different. Where you typically started looking for work after graduation. But when you already have a few decades worth of real world experience under your belt and the nature of work you are looking for itself is expected to evolve, you need a different kind of education. Gigaplex Academy gives you just that kind of education – empowerment for engagement and earning during retirement. Education that helps you become an informed entrepreneur that works for himself or herself. Education that lets quality work find you instead of the other way around. Education that prepares for what is new, and gives you tools to stay professionally relevant to people you care about. This is education that makes you part of a network of experienced Americans that are already riding this new wave successfully.