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Bootstrapping a  business that is anchored in your unique passions, skills and ‘desire to bring about a change you want to see in the world’, is a great way to live out your life doing what you always wanted to do – just be yourself and make a living doing that.

Bootstrapping is different than an externally financed business in the sense that it involves starting from the ground up with nothing but personal savings or preferably the cash coming in from the first sales.

The main advantage of bootstrapping is that it allows to convert your passions into source of livelihood without the pressures of a business that is financed by venture capital or some other external sources of capital.

The main challenge when looking to build a bootstrapped project closely aligned with you passions is finding enough buyers for your product or service before you incur a lot of investments. There are ways to go about doing this and converting these initial wins into a larger, more financial viable business that can provide you your livelihood. But it take some training and mentoring to get the right business model established and right marketing messages crafted to improve the odds of success.

Why learn this

Bootstrapping a successful business that is closely aligned with your passions or purpose requires following a tried and test set of process steps – and even with that , there will be some unexpected twists in the story. But the process will avoid at least the ‘rookie’ mistakes.

Gigaplex Academy Bootstrapping Passion Project Learning track education will help you understand how to identify a Minimum Viable Market and to service it with a Minimum Viable Product. You will also learn some key strategies about how to study the market opportunity and scale your business as interest in your products and services grows.

It will give you a strong foundation of best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid during your bootstrapping journey. Lastly, the training will give you exposure to other aspects like Taxes, Benefits and labors laws for practicing as a bootstrapper entrepreneur, a necessary set of skills and know-how to improve your odds of success.

We accomplish this by combining in-person coaching from by Bootstrapping experts, online video based classes with deep coverage of subject matter, and cohort style learning experience that revolves around learning and growing together as a group of self-employment aspirants.

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