Best Mother’s Day Gift for Baby Boomer Mom – Online Education Designed Just for Her

Online Education Designed Just for Boomers!! In case you are looking for a ‘cool’ gift to go along with roses for your mother on this Mother’s day, I have an interesting gift recommendation. How about a special gift that keeps giving! The gift of tailor-made online training for baby boomers about a lifestyle where sheContinue reading “Best Mother’s Day Gift for Baby Boomer Mom – Online Education Designed Just for Her”

Baby Boomers and Retirement Jobs

Baby Boomers can learn about retirement jobs on Gigaplex Academy For about 10,000 so Baby Boomers retiring everyday, the world that awaits them in their retirement years is different than what it looked like 20 years ago when some of them started planning their retirement. Thanks to technology and the rapid growth of the gigContinue reading “Baby Boomers and Retirement Jobs”

Retirement Planning in the New Decade-Retirement Jobs for Baby Boomers

The way people conduct their retirement planning has changed quite a bit in the first two decades of the 21st Century. For better part of 20th Century, people used to work in the same job for 25 or so years, saving what they could in their retirement fund, hoping it would carry them through theirContinue reading “Retirement Planning in the New Decade-Retirement Jobs for Baby Boomers”

Graceful Transition to Gainful Retirement

A good way for older people to move into a fun job after retirement is to actually make a plan of action. This can include getting familiar with the wide variety of part time gigs available and learning more about how to apply through course on Gigaplex Academy. It can also include understanding what each job requires in terms of technology, communication, and experience.

Earning During Retirement – A New Approach

For millions of American baby boomers in their 50s and more, finding and retaining formal full-time employment is increasingly becoming challenging. Despite skills and experience, the process of finding work – relying on resumes and interviews – makes prospects of earning during retirement unpleasant in many ways.  It is a pretty significant problem with multipleContinue reading “Earning During Retirement – A New Approach”