Learning Tracks

Gigaplex Academy education is designed on one central premise – Everyone one is different. We have different personality traits, different talents, and different dreams about what we want from our life.

Gigaplex Academy process spends significant time and effort to understand these traits, talents an dreams to recommend you a custom study plan with courses that will help you address your own, unique aspirations.

Everyone who attends Gigaplex Academy workshops gets customized course recommendations to in two pertinent Learning Tracks about self-employment. The specific number and type of courses are reflective of where you are in your ‘readiness to transition’ to self-employment and the vision you one has about the type of self-employment.

We aggregate and recommend the Learning Track courses (or books) to help your transition to self-employment by tapping into variety of online learning platforms with virtually unlimited supply of quality learning content. Think Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, UpGrad, LinkedIn Learning (Lynda), Skillshare, Simplilearn, QuickStart and more. The books we reference will be based on their Amazon or Barnes and Nobel’s listings. You are free to get these references via local library if that works for you.  

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