Entrepreneurial Traits

Does Your Kid Have These 5 Telltale Signs for Success?

There ought to be a process for career discovery.

Feeling helpless without a reliable career discovery process?

IS THIS YOU?  Worried about your kid  –

  • Not standing out in college admissions or jobs?
  • Choosing career path that will be irrelevant because of AI?
  • Suffering work stress all life due to misaligned career?
  • Failing to live up to potential and not finding fulfillment?

Our process was developed to solve this exact problem.

Secure future with confidence and life skills.

  • Showcase individuality
    Stand out in college and job applications.
  • Master entrepreneurial life skills
    Survive and thrive in the age of AI.
  • Gain clarity about natural gifts and talents
    Make winning career choices.
  • Make money doing what you love
    Align monetary rewards with passionate interests
  • Grow a professional network
    Turbocharge career growth. Connect with mentors and investors.

Proven process for career discovery.


Discover the best passion project you could build.

Duration : 2 Weeks
2 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Custom Discovery Report and Study Plan


Build your passion project with expert guidance.

Duration : 40 Weeks
20 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Proven and Validated Business Plan


Learn how to grow and market your passion project.

Duration : 20 Weeks
10 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Vetted and Growing Business model

From Doubt to Triumph

We get your struggle. Picking careers is hard. We’re here to help.  Over 75 students have found their path.

Students and counting

Colleges where graduates have been admitted

Sohum Rane

“Gigaplex Academy helped me realize that I could turn my passions into something more entrepreneurial and inspirational. It has been an incredible experience thus far, and I cannot wait for what’s to come! “

Here is how we can get you to confident career choices.

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Does Your Kid Have These Five Sign for Success?

This eBook gives you simple tips to assess if an individual has natural behavioral talents to succeed in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Free twenty-one-page PDF document with five useful checklists.

1. Download the eBook.

2. Use the checklists to assess and score an individual.

3. Gain Clarity about entrepreneurial potential.