Teach On Gigaplex Academy

Gigaplex Academy is an education resource for the Baby Boomers and Seniors. It is also a community. We aspire to be a place where people in their fifties – and more – can not only find unique educational content to get started with Gig Economy opportunities; but is also the place where you get to share your knowledge and experience with fellow Boomers and Seniors.

We are focused on ensuring that majority of the Educational courses and other offerings are created with active participation of contributing authors that are also in the same age group.

If you are interested in converting your experience of working in any US Gig Economy sector into a ‘training course’ that may be of interest to other baby boomers and seniors, please let us know. We are actively reaching out to various Senior Gig Economy workers to create education content that aligns with our recommended learning tracks and curriculum. We offer competitive financial compensation and royalties for participating course authors.

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