Gigaplex Academy

Your dream is to work for yourself. We help you make that a reality.

Tired of uncertainties of corporate jobs? Figuring out your career options at such times can be confusing. But there is a way to overcome the confusion and get back in the driver’s seat.

Gigaplex Academy offers highly personalized self-employment education, with focus on mid-career and ready-to-retire folks. It starts with discovery of what you will love to do; and ends with a purposeful project that can lead to cashflow. One-step-at-a-time.

We help participants pick and purse one of these eight self-employment paths – Freelancing, Franchising, Non-profits, Home Business, Tech Startup, Passion Projects and Consulting.

Three simple steps to get you to your destination.

Clarity >> Confidence >> Cashflow.

The Gigaplex Academy’s ‘Three Steps to Cashflow’ process is designed to give you a guided path to self-discovery and purposeful self-employment. Explore the steps below.

A Guided Path for You…

Individual Attention

The Gigaplex Academy approach is tailored to you. Your needs, your dreams, your capabilities and your current skill set. We use modern interactive tools to understand you well, and spend one-on-one time to create a custom study plan that we help you execute with our oversight.

Fantastic Coaches

Each student participates in cohort sessions where they get guidance from several entrepreneurs and practitioners who are dedicated to helping others making the transition to self-employment. You learn about the pitfalls to avoid from folks that have been there and done that.

Cohort Based Learning

A key piece of the puzzle is the cohort – other workshop participants that will learn with you. You will find many others who are on the same journey! It will inspire you, motivate you and will help expand your professional network all at the same time.

What our students say

Words do not do justice to express my gratitude. A new chapter of my life is opening and an exciting journey has started.

Thank you for all the wonderful experiences through your Gigaplex Academy!!

Varada Divgi

“Imagine a car without a driver. Sometimes we have great ideas but do not know how to accelerate. I joined Gigaplex sessions and now I am at the driver position!!

I am glad that I got this excellent training around the corner. It really boosted my morale”.

Rakesh Yadav