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The Career Puzzle

Picking a career is tough. Like a puzzle with missing pieces. One wrong move? Lost chances and plenty of heartache. 

Most parents get stressed when kids struggling with career choices disregard their career advice.

At Gigaplex Academy, young folks  discover their true calling and potential by engaging in purposeful entrepreneurial projects. This helps them, and their parents, make career choices with clarity and confidence.

Entrepreneurship? It’s full of promise but many overlook. Why? Fear of the fall. Big careers slip through because they never meet the entrepreneur inside. Let us dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Discover. Grow. Succeed.

Eureka! I Am An Entrepreneur!

Simple steps to give
wings to your dreams


Self Discovery

Duration : 2 Weeks
2 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Custom Discovery Report and Study Plan


Test and Learn.

Duration : 40 Weeks
20 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Proven and Validated Business Plan


Growth Planning.

Duration : 20 Weeks
10 Live Coaching Sessions

1 Vetted and Growing Business model

From Doubt to Triumph

We get your struggle. Picking careers is hard. We’re here. We’ll help. Unearth your potential. Live fully. Over a hundred students have found their path.

Sohum Rane

“Gigaplex Academy helped me realize that I could turn my passions into something more entrepreneurial and inspirational. It has been an incredible experience thus far, and I cannot wait for what’s to come! “

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