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About Us

Career Discovery Help You Need

Gigaplex Academy is an online ‘School Career Discovery and Entrepreneurship’ for Ages 16-26.

  • Suitable career discovery is critical in paving path for a fulfilling life journey. Parents want to help their kids succeed in life but feel helpless when giving career advice because they lack a proven process their kids will embrace.
  • Gigaplex Academy provides that ‘proven process’ for career discovery. It helps kids (ages 16-26) find their calling through an online entrepreneurship program. The program gives kids, and parents, the clarity and confidence they need to make winning career choices, and get past feeling helpless.
  • At Gigaplex Academy, students discover and build revenue generating passion projects under guidance of  experienced entrepreneur coaches using a structured and time-bound curriculum. This hands-on learning program instills confidence and life skills necessary to take up entrepreneurial careers in the future.

Our Values


Educational experience must fit unique traits and aspirations of student


Education should instill life skills by building real, revenue-generating businesses


Education should focus on creative problem solving; for-the-people and with-the-people.

Proven process for career discovery.


Self Discovery

The two week Clarity step uses our proprietary analytical methods to help young aspirants gain clarity about their unique gifts, passions and aspirations. Two live coaching sessions with Gigaplex Academy counselors help build confidence in their own, natural entrepreneurial talent set and the kind of business opportunities that may suit their unique talent mix. Clarity phase sets up the student nicely for diving headlong into the Confidence step with the help of a custom study plan.

Duration : 2 Weeks | 2 Live Coaching Sessions | 1 Custom Study Plan

Key steps in this phase include


Test and learn

The forty week long Confidence step helps students discover and build revenue generating passion projects under the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur using a structured and time-bound curriculum. The program instills key life skills like design thinking and calculated risk taking necessary to take up entrepreneurial career in the future with confidence.

Duration : 40 Weeks | 20 Live Coaching Sessions | 1 Proven Business Plan

Key steps in this phase include


Growth Planning

Cash Flow step is a twenty weeks long capstone phase that helps the aspiring entrepreneur learn some simple techniques for fundraising and growth planning to put together a solid business plan that can be used towards growing the business.

Duration : 20 Weeks | 10 Live Coaching Sessions | 1 Vetted Business model

Key steps in this phase include

How to find if a kid has ‘Entrepreneurial DNA’?

This FREE eBook includes simple checklists to assess if a kid displays natural behavioral traits that are typically observed in successful entrepreneurs.

Use the checklists to score and gain clarity about a kid’s entrepreneurial potential.